Create charts using your databases from Notion or Airtable

Visualize your data as insightful charts. Embed them in Notion pages or anywhere else.

Easy and no-code friendly


8 chart types
Column, bar, line, area, pie, donut, radar and funnel.
Privacy first
We don't store any of your data.
Generate your chart with the lastest data.
Aggregate, filter and sort. Multiple themes with dark mode and much more.
Charts adapt to any screen size.
Insert your chart anywhere.


Good visual design
Easy to use
Strong feature set
Great customer support
Tried ChartBrick for the first time today and I am really impressed with both the product and the founder.
Excited to see how it develops!
Steven Aaron avatar
Steven Aaron
SEO Specialist
Martin Moravek avatar
Martin Moravek
Founder and dev of minimalist phone.
Finally! My statistical data could finally look visually better. 👍
Ángel Rodríguez avatar
Ángel Rodríguez
Digital Maker
Hi, it was just what I needed, I had been waiting for something like this for a long time, thanks! 🔝
Dennis Smink avatar
Dennis Smink
Founder of
This looks pretty cool! I'll have to inform my buddy about that, he loves notion 🔥
Albert Balada avatar
Albert Balada
Lifetime learner, Developer, and creator
It looks awesome! Congrats
Basharath avatar
Building one cool product every month.
Nice product. Congrats!
Ricardo de Tomás avatar
Ricardo de Tomás
Driza co(CEO+founder)
Pol Rodríguez avatar
Pol Rodríguez cofounder
Awesome! Good job 👏
Jose L avatar
Jose L
IT Consultant
Quick and easy to use. Great job.
Abel Fernandez avatar
Abel Fernandez
Creator of La Siesta Inglesa
Amazing tool, thank you and congratulations! 👏👏

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